Metafora Hilang Liar: Puisi dan Kepemimpinan

Metafora Hilang Liar: Puisi dan Kepemimpinan


“A lady is a international land,” asserted poetess Coventry Patmore, “of which though there he resolve younger, a man can also no longer ever rather understand, the customs, politics, and tongue.” The French contain acknowledged metaphorically contrasting territories and contain a neutral correct time them in the three-phrase phrase, “Vive la distinction!”


Gender variations apart, embracing opposites is a gargantuan approach to stimulate creative belief. Certain, doing so veritably requires you to debate with international cerebral lands, to present careful and intensive belief to your creative forays, to explore variations that you just would be in a position to also no longer ever fully understand. Nonetheless, as every leader is conscious of, while you happen to want others to be influenced by your words, to present an clarification for you later they’ll by no way neglect what you acknowledged about one exclaim or every other, it could perhaps be fundamental to grab your expressions carefully. One approach to attain memorability is to role opposites together in the identical sentence. Here are examples so that you just can search out.

Arab proverb: “You can even neglect with whom you laughed, but that you just would be in a position to also no longer ever neglect with whom you wept.”

John F. Kennedy: “Too veritably we abilities the consolation of idea without the discomfort of belief.”

Nameless: “It’s easy to know the entire solutions while you happen to don’t anxiousness to hear to the questions.”

Eastern Proverb: “To are residing prolonged, set a fab head and warm toes.”

Earl Wilson: “Success is completely a topic of luck. Quiz any failure.”

Tombstone in Celano, Italy: “As you are, I once used to be. As I’m, it’s good to be.”


Opposites recurrently seem as contradictions in the place of job. I talk to them as “organizational oxymorons.” One among the organizational oxymorons going by managers / leaders is the must lead (or to test the prolonged shuffle) whereas on the identical time acknowledging video show conditions. (Here’s the foundation of Lewin’s Force Arena Analysis, of route, which analyzes the Present declare of affairs in expose to reach the Preferrred declare of affairs.) When Max DePree tells us, in Leadership is an Artwork , that the foremost responsibility of a pacesetter is to clarify reality, he’s encouraging us to search out the stipulations that want medication.


DePree also encourages us to position a question to how poets would lead organizations. We’ll rob it one step extra: take into chronicle any noted particular person you esteem – in any discipline in any admire: an athlete, a head of declare, a militia officer, a non secular figure, or a celeb esteem John Wayne. Then take into chronicle the guidelines that perhaps govern that particular person. Expend your image of that particular person working your initiatives. Educate his or her trend to your own conditions.

Pablo Neruda, Chile’s premier poet / diplomat, asserts that poetry is an act of peace. Resolving the opposites that confront us in each our personal and legit lives can also very effectively point out applying the records to be stumbled on in the language of poets.